Cameras & Photo Lighting & Studio Flash Lighting Flash Bulbs & Tubes
Lot of 60 Flash Bulbs 5B Focal (New Old Stock Sealed)
Profoto ( Frosted ) Glass Plate for Flat Front ( #331524 ) for B1, B1X, D1 & D2
36 GE 5B Flash Bulbs  (New Old Stock Sealed)
Vintage Quartzline Projection Lamp Bulb DYY EGH 120V 500W
Vintage GE Photoflash 11 Flash Bulbs Package of 8 *New* Camera Lamp Class M
Vintage GE AG1B flashbulbs
Top 10 New Android Smartphones with Best Camera Flash Light Below Rs 10,000
Are you a photography enthusiast? You don't necessarily have to ... Comming to the point, here are the top10 Android Smartphones with best Camera Flash Light under Rs. 10,000:
New 8A photo flash driver from ams dramatically improves picture quality of smartphone cameras
ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, today launched an 8A LED flash driver that provides a photo flash light ... Pictures of fast-moving objects in dark conditions that previously would have suffered from motion ...
Photo flash driver improves picture quality of smartphone cameras
ams launched an 8A LED flash ... a photo flash light output at least four times brighter than flash systems commonly found in smartphones today. The new AS3630 can drive up to 8A current through an LED flash system, enabling mobile phone cameras to take ...
iblazr tackles light-low photography with a synchronized portable flash for iOS and Android devices
Low-light photography is a tricky business with smartphones, in part due to the smaller sensors packed inside their beautifully thin hardware. Whether it’s in the local bar, a music concert or moonlit walk, users are sometimes forced to use ...
Looking For A Great Manual Camera Flash? Then Just Buy The LP180 Already [Review]
Even the Strobist himself, David “can I flash you?” Hobby said that “It’s the first flash that I actually prefer over a Nikon SB–800.” High praise indeed, as the SB–800 has been his workhorse small strobe for years. Why is it so good?
Silvania Flash Bar Blue Dot
Lot of 2 Impact Flash Tube Bulbs for VC-500LR - NEW
FQ3 Flash Tube Norman Flash Head 2500WS Flashtube for LH2000 LH2400 new other
Lot 9 boxes (108 Bulbs) NOS GE Sylvania AG1B/AG1 BLUE DOT Flashbulbs Vintage
Neewer Studio 300W Replacement Flash Bulb Bare Tube for Neewer VISION4 Monolight
NEW Norman FT-6 Flash Tube Flashtube (For Use in LH500 Lamphead)
Lot of (60) GE M3B & M2B Flash Bulbs
Neewer Studio 400W Replacement Flash Bulb Bare Tube for Neewer VISION5 Monolight
Vintage Flash Bulbs....M3
Godox S45T AC Slave Flash Bulb Lamp For Photo Studio Lighting
Lot of Vintage Flashbulbs & Studio Light Bulbs - Home Decor / DIY / Arts & Craft
Vintage GE Flash Bulbs 5
Godox Sy8000 Photo Studio Strobe Light AC Slave Flash Bulb E27 110V-130V 72W
Godox A45S Studio E27 Screw AC Slave Studio Flash Strobe Bulb Light 110V 120V
New - Vintage GENERAL ELECTRIC Standard Flash Cubes - 21 Cubes = 84 Flashes
Photo Studio Strobe Flash Light Mini Slave Bulb 120WS 32GN E27 220V 110V US Ship
Vintage Perfect Brand 12 Spot Flashbulbs
Flashtube Flash Tube Strobe Bulb // Profoto ProHead Pro-B PB Pro 6 7 Plus Head
Vintage United Brand 12 Sleeve of M2B Flashbulbs
Lot 132 Flash Bulbs #M-3 M3 Focal New Old Stock Sealed Flash Packages Vintage
Wiko WK98-uv Flash Tube For Speedotron MW8qvc 3200w Bulb
Profoto Flashtube (331514) for Acute/D4 & ComPact 1200 flash - NR
《US SELLER》Photo Studio Flash Lighting Kit Photography 40W Strobe Slave
Vintage G.E. Brand 3 Sleeve of Bluecoat Flashcubes
A037: Two Boxes of GE No. 6 Clear focal plane flashbulbs , #6 Flash Bulbs
Vintage Perfect Brand 12 AG1B Blue Flashbulbs
Carton of 144 Westinghouse #5B Blue flashbulbs No. 5-B Flash Bulbs New old Stock
12 Vintage GE No. 6 clear FOCAL PLANE flashbulbs NOS
Elinchrom Modeling Lamp - 100 watts/90 volts - for EL250, EL250C Monolights
Bare Bulb 600W Tube Flash for Godox Witstro AD600 AD600B AD600BM Speedlite
vintage camera Sylvania Flip flash flash bulbs lot of 3
Photogenic C4-12C UV coated flashtube for StudioMax flashes new old stock
Sylvania Blue Dot Flash Bulb and Cube
Vintage General Electric m2b FLASHBULBS 22 Count
A038: Vintage #6 Clear Focal Plane flashbulbs No. 6 Flash Bulbs
Speedotron WK98-UV Flash Bulb Wiko
A062: 24 Vintage GE Speed Midget clear flashbulbs Flash Bulbs _GSU
Flashpoint Flash Tube for XPLOR 600 Flash Head - AD-H600 #FP-FT-X600
25 Sylvania PRESS 25 Blue Dot Flash bulbs -Blue and White Nice Lot & 7 #5 BULBS
GE 6B FlashBulbs Lot of 144 #6B New Old Stock Flash Bulbs Vintage
Lamp EGT Studio 1000w 120v
USHIO FDN Studio 500w 120v Lamp
Speedotron MW20QV Flash Tube / 202VF Flash Head, 3200w/s / SKU1037754
A199: Vintage Flashbulb Collection
Lusana Studio 4PCS 45W Photography Lighting Master Slave Strobe Flash F45-4P
Carton of 144 Sylvania Press #25B Blue flashbulbs P-25B Flash Bulbs NOS
Interfit 500 watt Flash Tube for S1 Monolight Flash Strobe SINTS1500FT
12 NOS New Vintage General Electric GE Number # 5 Flashbulbs
Lot of 20 GENERAL ELECTRIC FLASH BULBS No. 5 Christmas Themed & 1 Extra Bulb
A001: 42 Vintage AG-1 Flashbulbs AG1 bulbs
Vintage GE Flash Cubes - 8 Cubes - 32 Flashes Genuine OEM Lot
USHIO EHT 120V-250W-GSN Halogen Lamp Bulb New
Lumedyne Modeling Lamp, 25 watts for Modeling Heads
Vintage Sylvania Blue Dot Flashcubes Camera Advertising Pillow 16" Store Display
Neewer 75W 110V Modeling Lamp Bulb for GODOX 180W 250W 300W Strobe Flash Light
Eiko WK-96 Flash Tube for Norman Strobe Heads 2500WS Flashtube for LH2000 LH2400
Vintage Flashbulbs K-mart "FOCAL" AG-1B full pack unused 12 quanity
BIG Flash Cube(2 Types )Lot -Flash Bars, Flip Flash, Flip Flash II, Flash Bulbs
Interfit Pro-Flash STR229 Replacement Flashtube for Strobies Pro-Flash 360
Vintage Speedotron Norman Studio Strobe Flash Tube Lot New Old Stock Large
A108: GE FLASHCUBES 144 flashes in 36 flash cubes NOS Free Ship
SY360 Tube Strobe Light Bulb
Vintage GE BLUE BULBS AG-1B Flashbulbs 12 Pack in original Box NOS
Vintage Westinghouse Flash Bulbs 5B
FQ3-UV Flash Tube Norman Flash Heads 2500WS Flashtube for LH2000 LH2400 new
M3 Flashbulbs
12 Sylvania Bulbs in original box for Sun Gun Flash
Norman FQ8 Flash Tube
SYLVANIA Blue Dot ~ Press 25 Flashbulb ~ 3 boxes of 12 = 36 ~ clear flash bulbs
Unused Vintage General Electric Sure-Fire Flash Bulbs # 5 12 Bulbs!
Vintage Sylvania #0 Class M Flash Bulbs 7 Bulbs - 20,000 Light Lumens Output
Lowel I-55 Lamp, 55 watts 12 volts
Speedotron MW9QM Flash Tube in Box
6 Sylvania Blue Dot Flashbulbs, Press 25
Vintage Westinghouse M3 Flash Bulbs for Vintage Camera includes 33 bulbs total
Vintage 12 Sylvania Flashcubes & Three Sylvania M3 Flash bulbs New in Box
12 Vintage Sylvania Clear PRESS 25 Blue Dot Flashbulbs Flash Bulbs
Box 6 Vtg GE Photoflash Syncro-Press 22-B AC Light Bulb Size Flash Bulbs Blue
Sylvania Blue Dot Flashbulbs - 25 B!
GE 5B Flashbulbs Lot of 18 - New
A032: Vintage #5 Clear flashbulbs No. 5 Flash Bulbs
2 Dozen (24) Vintage #SF SUPERFLASH Sylvania Blue Dot Flashbulbs - New Old Stock
Vintage 15 Flashcubes K-Mart Blue Dot
A044: No.8 PH8 Clear flashbulbs Flash Bulbs ( Fits #5 or Press 25 flash guns)
Sylvania Blue Dot MagiCubes 2 Packages New Old Stock 24 Flashes Flash Bulbs
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Seeing the light with LED bulbs
Yet despite all of these advantages, few people install LED lights. They never get farther than: "$US30 for a light bulb? That's nuts!" Never mind that they will save about $US200 in replacement ... Away and Night, which turns off all lights in the house ...
Take a better backlit portrait
Unless you happen to own a photography studio, complete with backdrops and studio lighting ... change when you point the camera at your subject. Take a photo and review it on the camera’s viewfinder. How does it look? The background will probably ...
Cheap DIY Fluorescent Studio Lights for Beauty Photography
you have been taught that common household fluorescent lighting fixtures will not work well for studio photography. We are told it is because of the flicker You see, fluorescent bulbs are gas filled tubes; the gas is charged by electric pulses from a ...
History through lenses of vintage cameras
A vintage camera generally ... pictures of late photo journalist Kulwant Roy, Arya’s uncle and one of the few who covered many political events from 1930s to 1960s. There are pictures of the country’s freedom struggle, and many other post Independence ...
Portrait Photography Tips From Damian "The BIG Dog" McGillicuddy
The bigger modifier will give a softer light... but why does the beauty dish design liberate the humble speedlight? The small flash tube in a speedlight ... just in my studio, using the exact same bare bulb enhancer from the portaflex kit.
Who Invented the Camera?
Niépce's early photography experiments used paper soaked ... and durable camera that used 35 mm-wide film. The small film allowed photographers to take sharp, clear images with a light camera and increase the size of the photo in later development.