Cameras & Photo Lighting & Studio Light Stand & Boom Accessories
1/4" Female Thread 5Pcs Hot Shoe Flash to Bracket / Stand Mount Adapter Trigger
Visual Departures Flexfill Model FH1 Adjustable Holder for Flexfill Reflector
2 X Black Counter Balance Sandbags Sand Bag for Photo Studio Lightstand Boom Arm
Tether Tools Dual Wing Sand Bag #TTSB400
Black Photo Studio Stage Film Light Stand Sandbag Sand Bag For Boom Arm Kit
Tether Tools Rock Solid MaxClamp, 55lbs Capacity #RS223
Lights, camera, Griffintown!
“The building is on the site of a former sound studio used for decades in television and movie ... “The condo interiors were conceived to optimize natural light and maximize the openness of the living spaces with nine-foot ceilings,” Dayan said.
The DSLR Video Studio Production Handbook
Explores lighting options with an upto date look at LED lights for photo and video use, audio recording, software programs, hardware, editing techniques for complete dslr video production. These camera's are capable of affordable, high-quality images ...
Camera store offers rental studio for photographers
SOUTH BEND -- Jack St. Pierre, longtime owner of Gene's Camera Store in South Bend, has a simple philosophy. "We kind of believe for us, it's good to grow where we are planted," St. Pierre said. And so the camera shop, which has been on the west side near ...
Photo Studio Lighting
Participants will learn how to balance studio light (flash) with available light, basic lighting techniques and how to utilize manual F stop and shutter speed settings on digital cameras.Participants need to bring: A digital photography camera.
Tested and Compared: 21 Top Cameras For Digital Low-Light Photography
The great news is that high-performing low-light cameras need not cost thousands. In fact, according to sensor tests performed by DxOMark, some of the least expensive DSLRs on the market today are producing some of the best high ISO low light photos.
Victor Photography Studio Clamp
Matthews Low Rolling Stand Base for the Junior Runway Stands, Chrome. #388201
Mole Richardson C Clamp Type 1201 Lot of 2 for Studio Lights and Lighting V22
Photogenic 7200TU Swivel Mount for Boom Arm (#3207)
Photo Studio Support Tripod stand 7ft Softbox Light Stand Photography Umbrella
MATTHEWS Big Ben Clamp 1-1/8" Attached Stud Pin #429620 Cheeseboro Bigben Grid
Kupo 40" Turtle Base C-Stand Riser Column, 22lbs Capacity, Silver #KS705112
Phototools Stand Adapter 1-1/8" to 5/8"
RPS Studio SuperB Function Clamp RS-3800 2.25" Open Multi Use Aid USED D40L
Matthews 3" Baby Plate #429041
Adorama 1 Roll Stor, Background Material Wall Storage System #DE-44010
S3A Heavy Duty Studio Light Stand,8 ft.Victor-Smith, 3/8" mount w/1/4 x 20 screw
Smith-Victor 49/5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp #701980
Smith-Victor BPR Accessory Brackets for 3 Crossbars #FP401261
Steel Male 3/8 inch & Female 1/4 inch Adapter Photo Studio Tripod Light Stand
Matthews Arm with Grip Head, Silver.
3” Baby Wall Plate with 5/8 Stud (9x15cm plate) Photo Studio Strobe Light Stand
Flight Case w/ Wheels For (2) Chauvet Q-Spot 260 LED Moving Head Lights
Dyna-Lite Stand 6.5 ft Black 5 Section (0470)
4Pack Blue Heavy Duty Sandbag Saddle Bag Holds 20lbs f Photo Video Studio Stand
Avenger Jumbo Gag Gobo Grip Head. #D420
Manfrotto 1.4 m to 4.0 m Telescopic Operating Pole, Black #427B-4,0
Dedolight 8.26" Flexible Stand Extension for DST Stand/CLAMP1/Any 16mm #1032750
Kupo G203111 2-1/2" Grip Head with Big Handle, Black #KG203111
Neewer 4-pack Sandbag for Light Stands and 6-pack Muslin Spring Clamps Clips
Photogenic AA65A 5/8" to 1/2" Light Stand Mounting Adapter (#3204)
4x Counter Balance Sandbags Sand Bag for Photo Studio Light Stand Boom Arm
Steel Female 1/4in & Male 3/8in Adapter for Photo Studio Light Stand Tripod Rig
Manfrotto 175 Spring Clamp Grip Studio Lighting - Silver / Chrome Set of 3 **
Loadstone Studio Light Stand Clamp Holder w/ Mount Bracket Female Screw Thread
Bogen Manfrotto Super Clamp #035
Cold Shoe Bracket & Stand Mount W/ Umbrella Holder & Female Screw Adapter Thread
LOT OF 2 Impact Saddle Sandbag Studio Bag 15 lb Orange SBF-0-15 NEW
Impact Atom Clamp with Ratchet Handle
Sunbounce Sandbag, Holds 33 lbs. (15 kg) #720-000
Norman 812857 5/8" Umbrella Stand Adapter Tilt Bracket (#3212)
Brand New Kupo Tilting Umbrella Adapter 21433
Impact CA-106 Junior to Baby Pin Adapter
Avenger 9.3' C-Stand Column 29 with 3 Sections, Chrome Steel #A2029
Ikan ROLLR-STND10 2 Stage Roller Stand 10 ft 6 in Great Condition
Photo Studio Overhead Boom Arm Top Light Stand 75-138cm for Softbox Light I6Q9
RAM Short Double Socket Arm for B Size 1" Balls - SKU#1021919
Varavon Magic Arm V7 7" DSLR Arm Mount #MAGIC ARM V-7-4.3
E-26 ShowTime professional studio grade light socket stand & umbrella mount
Manfrotto 01438 Rapid Adapter, 5/8" Stud to 3/8" Male Thread
Impact Small Double Adjustable Clip Clamp
RPS Studio Light Stand Low Scrim Stand Base w/Stub Post - Heavy Duty USED K09
Manfrotto 046MCG Expan Set, Metal Gray Chain
Photek Add-On 12' Crossbar Kit for Background System #S4022K
Pearstone 4.2" (10.7cm) Articulating Arm
3 Photography Sandbag Sand Bag Studio Video Equipment For Boom Stand Tripod New
Avenger C210 Baby Pipe Lighting Clamp - Made in Italy - Works with Truss
Matthews 12" Baby Stand Extension #426016
Impact Twin Shoe Metal Umbrella Bracket
Giottos BR-3, 3-Section Background Crossbar Set #080500
Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle
Manfrotto 237 Flexible Arm 2896
EPhoto 40 C Century Stand Arm Grip Head Knuckle Gobos WT9101ARM
New Flash Holder Bracket Umbrella Light Stand Mount AC Socket Adapter Swivel
Photoflex LiteDisc Holder DL-HOLDER replacement part ONLY
Matthews 4.5 In. Vacuum Cup with 5/8 In. Pin
185cm 6' Reverse Folding Light Stand for Photo Studio Lighting Flash Strobe
LED Dual Light Stand 23-1/2" inch to 59" Photography Construction Work Light
26.5cm Bendable Metal Tube Light Stand Extension Arm with 1/4" Screw Thread D0H4
Photography Studio Photo Light Stand Telescopic Boom Arm w/ Sandbag 33"-82"
Manfrotto Single Hook Set # 2911 & Two Super Clamps #035 For Background Rod. Ex.
4x Black Weight Sandbags Counter Balance Sand Bag for Photo Studio Light Stand
RPS Studio Light Kit Bag - Brand New
Manfrotto Art. 035 Super Clamp Chrome (2 clamps) - Free Shipping
Matthews Junior Double Riser Column for the Runway Base. #429051
Avenger Long Telescoping Hanger with Universal Head SKU#877119
2 x Photography Studio Sand Bag Sandbag Photo Light Boom Stand Weight Balancer
Manfrotto Art.035 Super Clamps
Westcott #1854 Fabric Small (42x42) - 3/4 Stop Black Net
Matthews Heavy Duty Telescopic Hanger 429674 w/ Stirrup Hanger & Safety Cable
BRAND NEW Avenger C-Stand (8.3', Chrome-plated) A2025F BRAND NEW
Impact 6" Extension Arm with Spigot for Super Clamp
Neewer 2x Sandbag Photographic Sand Bag for Photo Video Film Light Stand Tripod
Photography Studio Gold Heavy Duty Metal Spring Clamp Umbrella Reflector Holder
Matthews 40" Magic Stand 2 Section Riser Column, Chrome #388214
Manfrotto 036-14 Standard 1/4-20" Stud for Super Clamp
Studio Motorized Background Lift System Backdrop 6.5' Length 4-Poles FREE PICKUP
2x Photo Weight Counter Balance Film Sandbag Sand Bags for Light Stand Boom Arm
Impact Shot Bag - 5 lb
Steel Female 1/4 & Female 3/8in Stud Adapter Photo Studio Rig Tripod Light Stand
Steel Female 1/4" & Female 3/8" Hex Stud Adapter Photo Studio Tripod Light Stand
Avenger Chrome Snap-In Baby Swivel Pin with Ball Socket. #F820TH
Manfrotto 043 Skyhook adjustable gaffer clamp
2xPhoto Studio Counter balance Weight Sand bags f Flash Light Stand Boom Tripod
Manfrotto 158 Light Stand Tip to Female Socket Adaptr
Flashpoint Caster Set for Light Stands with 22mm Diameter Legs - Set of Three
Small All-Metal Ball Head with Square Quick Release Plate
4X Neewer Photographic Studio Video Sand Bag for Light Stands Boom Stand Tripod
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