Cameras & Photo Lighting & Studio Light Stands & Booms
Neewer Photo Studio Heavy Duty 11ft Adjustable C-Stand,3.5 ft Holding Arm(Black)
Flashpoint 10' C Stand on Turtle Base Kit, 40" Grip Arm Two 3" Gobo Heads
10ft Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Photo Video Century C- Light Stand Fold Tripod
Neewer 10ft Adjustable Reflector Stand with 4ft Holding Arm and 2pcs Grip Head
7ft Studio Support Tripod Stand Photography Softbox Umbrella Light Photo Video
Neewer 7 Feet Aluminum Alloy Photography Light Stands Tripod for Video Portrait
Make millions from photography
PHOTOGRAPHY is an excellent career choice for ... to get an office space and buy the necessary equipment, which include: cameras and tripods; lenses; studio props; studio lights and light stands; light modifiers; reflectors and diffusers; backgrounds ...
Capturing the moment
Another unique feature is a studio photographer could be on hand to assist with the camera and lighting during the photo session. My Studio and Picture This Student Photography will host an open house from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. June 17 for the public to ...
Create Stunning, Well-Lit Studio Portraits Without a Studio
The video above explains this crazy little trick where you set your camera's aperture so high that it blacks everything out, then use a flash to light your subject's face. The result? A stunning studio photo on ... and an umbrella. From there you just ...
Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio Live for 3ds Max adds support for a host of additional renderers
Lightmap announces a major update to the HDR Light Studio Live plug-in for 3ds Max. The 3ds Max Live plug-in now supports Autodesk 3ds Max/3ds Max Design versions 2013 and 2014 and has added support for additional market leading renderers. Mark Segasby ...
Rent a Professional Photo Studio
Take studio portraits with your own camera ... lighting class that teaches you all that you need to know. Any tips for us when shooting in studio: -When photographing busy young children in the studio try to contain them on a chair or a stool. Studio ...
Lusana Studio Heavy Duty Overhead Lighting Boom Photography Light Stand 804K
2x 7ft Light Stand Tripod Photography Lighting Studio Boom Umbrella Softbox
Neewer Studio Bracket Holder 24"-47" Swivel Head Reflector Holding Arm Support
Neewer 13ft Two Way Rotatable Adjustable Tripod Boom Light Stand with Sandbag
PBL Pro10ft Heavy Duty Light Stands All Metal Locking Collars Sandbags Set of 3
Studio Photo Video Arm Grip Gobo Century Light C Stand FT9103_C_Stand
LyxPro SMT-1 Professional Microphone Heavy Duty 90” Studio Overhead Boom Stand
Neewer Heavy Duty C-Stand Photographic Sturdy Tripod for Reflectors Softboxes
Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand With Case For Dimmable Ring Light With Carry Bag
Photo Lighting Boom Arm Saddle Sand Bag 33" - 82" Adjustable Photography Studio
Mini Backlight Table Tripod Light Stand Support for Photo Video Studio Lighting
2pcs Light Stand for Lamp Holder Flash Strobe Photo Video Studio Tripod Support
Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case For Dimmable Ring Light With Carry Bag
Neewer LED Ring Light Base Tabletop Stand Support Bracket for Make Up Selfie
Studio Photography Light Flash Speedlight Umbrella Holder Stand Bracket Tripod
Mole Richardson #362-3 light stand 8 ft - 36.5" minimum vintage 366603
2x 7FT/213CM Tripod Light Stands For Studio Kits,Lights,Softboxes
Neewer Heavy Duty Light Stand with Detachable Base 5-10 feet Adjustable C Stand
LOT of 2 Impact LS-96HAB Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand - Black 9.5' TALL
Neewer 5 Packs 6ft Aluminum Alloy Light Stands Tripod for Reflectors Softboxes
LimoStudio Softbox Boom Arm Light Stand Sandbag For Photo Studio Lighting Kit
3 x 7ft Photography Light Stand Tripod with Carry Bag for Photo Studio Lighting
33" - 82" Adjustable Photography Studio Photo Lighting Boom Arm with Sand Bag
Neewer 30"-70" Photography Studio Photo Extendable Reflector Holder Arm Support
Neewer Photo Studio Aluminum Alloy Heavy Duty 79" Light Stand with Caster Wheels
Neewer Photo Studio Pro 71" Reflector Holder Arm Support and 83" Light Stand
led ring light base desktop tabletop stand support bracket with 1/4” screw for
Neewer 73" Extendable Photo Studio Lighting Reflector Holder Boom Arm
Neewer Photo Studio Kit: 75" Light Stand +70" Reflector Arm Boom +Sandbag +Clamp
Manfrotto 420B Combination Boom Stand
1 x Photo Studio 2m 7ft Light Stand Adjustable Tripod for Softbox Flash Lighting
Kshioe Aluminum Adjustable Single 2m Light Stand Reflexed Light Stand Black
Photography Studio Telescoping Reflector Disc Holder Boom Holding Mount Arm
Fotodiox Telescoping Reflector Holding Arm, Holds 22-inch to 60-inch Reflector
Mole Richardson 2 Riser Rolling Baby Light Stand Collapsible TYPE 40651A
Lusana Studio Photography Overhead Boom Light Stand Lighting stand w/ weight bag
Lusana Studio 86" Tall Quality High Output Easy Locking Photography Light Stand
2.6m/9ft Heavy Duty Photo Video Studio Light Flash Tripod Stand Softbox Umbrella
US STOCK Adjustable LED Ring Beauty Light Desktop Stand Bracket Fr Makeup Selfie
2 Photograhy Flash Adapter Shoe Swivel Light Stand Mount Umbrella Holder Bracket
Matthews / Mole Richardson Junior Style Bolt on Pin
Studio Pro Photo Holder Bracket Swivel Head Reflector Disc Arm Clamp 26"-69"
Flashpoint Pro Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand - 13' #FP-SB-13
Neewer Max Height 49" Wall Mounting Boom Arm for Studio Video Lights Monolights
Lusana Studio Continuous Light Lighting Stand Photography 86" Tall Light Stand
Flashpoint Junior Steel Wheeled Stand - 12' #LS-RB12
PRO HEAVY DUTY 10' LIGHT STANDS SET OF 2 Steve Kaeser Photographic Lighting
2 PCS 75"/190cm Adjustable VR Light Stand f/ HTC VIVE Oculus+1/4 Screw Ball Head
Neewer 75"/6 Feet/190CM Photography Light Stands For Studio And On-site Use
Promaster LS-4 Professional Lightstand
Lusana Studio Lighting Boom Photography Slope Arm Bar,
US Stock Foldable LED Ring Beauty Light Desktop Stand Bracket For Makeup Selfie
Neewer 28-83" Adjustable Light Stands with Durable Case (3 Packs)
Matthews Super Crank -O- Vator Camera Stage Lighting American Stand
Neewer Photo Studio Adjustable 35-83 inches Aluminum Alloy Ring Light Stand
32in 5-in-1 Photo Studio Reflector Stand Disc Holder kit & Collapsable Reflector
Neewer 10ft/3M Two Way Rotatable Tripod Boom Light Stand with Sandbag
Photography Photo Studio Light Lighting Boom Arm Bar Sandbag
Pair of C-Stand Grip Arm Kit w Sand Bags
Studio Photography Light Flash Speedlight Umbrella Holder Stand Bracket VR VIVE
Manfrotto 1004BAC Air Cushioned Master Light Stand
CANVAS GRIP 8' X 8' Black Solid - Overhead
CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case C803
Neewer Set of Two 9 feet/260CM Light Stands f Video,Portrait&Product Photography
Photography Photo Boom 7' Extends boom stand arm bar light stand Adjustable L@@K
New Kshioe 2m/6.6ft Light Stand Light Weight Reflexed Light Stand Portable Black
Photoflex LS-2218 LiteStand Heavyweight Light Stand (10.8' height)
Light Stand Pro Heavy Duty 8ft, With All Metal Locking Collars, Steve Kaeser
Lot 2 Studio Photography Reflexed Light Stand Adjustable Bracket Tripod Aluminum
Manfrotto 366B Basic Light Stand #745
Fotodiox Telescoping Reflector Holding Arm Holds 22-inch to 60-inch Reflector...
2Pcs Studio Photography Light Aluminum Adjustable Stand Support Tripod Holder
6ft 3 Section light stand
Neewer Silver 200cm Light Stand fr Relfector Softbox Strobe Light LED Ring Flash
Mole Richardson / Matthews Chain Grip Locking Pliers Irwin 20R
8.5ft Heavy Duty Adjustable Photography Tripod Photo Studio Light Stand
New Kshioe 2 x 6.6ft Light Stands Reflexed Light Stand Adjustable 22"-79" Black
Bogen Avenger A643B Light Stand
Backdrop Background Support System Pro 10ft x12ft New Steve Kaeser Photographic
7ft Photo Studio Support Tripod Stand Photography Softbox Umbrella Light Stand
Kshioe 2pcs 2M Light Stand Aluminum Adjustable Photo Video Studio Tripod Support
Lot 2 Studio Photography Light Speedlight Stand 6.6FT Adjustable Bracket Tripod
Manfrotto Boom Stand 420, Black Anodized (#3398B) #420NSB (FREE SHIPPING)
Studio light Flash 47.2" 120cm Aluminum Boom Arm telescoping rod Extension pole
Neewer Heavy Duty 12ft Telescopic Cross Bar with Background Support Cross Arm
PBL 10ft Air Cushioned Photography Video Studio Lighting Stands Set of 3
Neewer 3 pcs 75" Light Stands with 3 pcs 1/4" Screw Mini Ball Head for HTC Vive
8" x 9" Photography Photo Studio Sand Bag Saddle Bag for Boom Arm Light Stand
CG 18"x24" Flag/Scrim Set of (4)
Lusana Portable Photography Reflector Disc Holder 2 in 1 Mount C-Clamp Stand
7Ft Light Stand Tripod For Photo Studio Lighting Boom Umbrella Softbox Kit
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Shooting Photos of 10K Runners with an Off-Camera Flash
I wanted to experiment and practice with lighting so I made a list of different strategies I could use. I thought about using umbrellas to soften the light, a boom stand to get the light ... light to be visible in the photo. The sun came out for a few ...
Playing with portrait lighting
Our June Snapped theme was a great opportunity to get a crash course in studio lighting from a photography master. I have to admit, I’ve never really got into artificially lighting photos. The idea of bouncing and slaving flashes, and dragging around ...
Adorama Flashpoint 500C LED light: Can it replace a studio flash?
We have been playing with the Flashpoint 500C, described as “a flexible tool for your video and still photography needs ... off to get into using LED lights rather than starting with flash? First and foremost, this isn’t a small unit.
Elaborate Drive-By Photo Studio Takes Pedestrians by Surprise
Out of all the clever photo hacks we’ve seen, this one may be the most creative. Johnny Tergo, a Los Angeles photographer, has built an over-the-top camera and lighting setup in his Chevy Silverado that he uses to take studio-quality portraits of ...
How I Got That Shot: Still-Life Photography on a Grand Scale
For a story in Dwell, the home design magazine, Photo Director Anna Alexander assigned New York City-based still-life photographer Nigel Cox to shoot new upholstery fabric designs. Cox, a longtime fan of the magazine who had frequently sent ...
Lights ... camera ... action
Director of Photography ... the lighting for the rooms where they've placed the eight robo cams, those 24-hour silent vampires that run automatically. He's also setting up the lights in the interview room. Besides those eight robo cameras ...