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Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (28") #EZ-SB-28
Comet Deep Scoop 12" Flash Head Reflector
Glow ParaPop 38" Portable Softbox With Bowens Mount Adapter #GL-SBSM38PP
Westcott Scrim Jim Small Kit (42” x 42”)
Glow EZ Lock Collapsible White Beauty Dish (42") #EZ-BD-42W
Profoto 100501 Metal 360-Degree Rotation RFi Softboxes Speedring Adapter Black
Buyer’s Guide: Lighting Kits for Video Production
Choosing the right video production lighting system without wondering if a better option is coming soon is nearly impossible. The choices available for lighting kits today are immense and are expanding at a quick pace. You’ll need to know about tungsten ...
Shooting Photos of 10K Runners with an Off-Camera Flash
and assume the lens was inside the flash. I could hear some people talking to their running mates saying “the camera is over there”. At that point they would turn toward me and pose. It was interesting to see the general public’s understanding of off ...
A Truck-Turned-Photo-Studio For a Different Kind of Drive-By
An app called Capture Pilot lets him use his iPad mini to remotely set exposure. Custom fitted controls allow him to toy with the mounted strobes for appropriate ambiant light. And since his subjects are usually entirely unaware of the role they're about ...
Portrait Photography Tips From Damian "The BIG Dog" McGillicuddy
It's my intention while on our photo journey together ... just in my studio, using the exact same bare bulb enhancer from the portaflex kit. The light just "pushed" further round to "split" the lighting, the reduction in ambient illumination just increases ...
The best camera apps for the wannabe Ansel Adams
Or not. In the world of digital photography, you don't have to flash a smile. Instead, just digitally paint a grin on your face afterward. Struggling for hours to get just the right shot under the optimum lighting conditions is so analog.
Glow EZ Lock Collapsible Silver Beauty Dish (34") #EZ-BD-34S
Profoto Soft Bounce for A1
Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (48") #EZ-SB-48
Profoto Li-ion Battery for A1
Westcott LunaGrip Kit #3771
Glow ParaPop 28" Portable Softbox for Bowens #GL-SBSM28PP-BO
Lowell rifa 88, 40 Degree Egg Crate, Arri, Red Cinema
Glow Series III Small Strip Softbox (12 x 36") #GL1236
Glow 31 x 31" Quick Softbox with Shoe Mount S-Type Flash Bracket (80x80cm)
Glow Series III Large Rectangular Softbox (30 x 60") #GL3060
Westcott 4x4' Scrim Jim Cine Kit #1891-N
5-In-1 60x79" Collapsible Multi Lighting Reflector Kit Photo Photography FREESH
Westcott White Eyelighter Fabric #5131
Lastolite Extension Handle
Glow Reflector Panel and Sun Scrim Kit 39" x 62" with Handle and Carry Bag
Lee 205 Half 1/2 CTO Lee Gel Filter Sheet 21” X 24” For Lighting
2 Door barn door for Mole Richardson 2081 light
Glow 31" Quick Ball Lantern Softbox (With Bowens Mount) #GL-SBQB-31
Manfrotto 026 Swivel Umbrella Adapter (Lite-tite) (#2905) - SKU#1016636
Glow 24 x 36" III Series Softbox - SKU#1009071
Photogenic 12x36" Softbox Grid #921888
Profoto Battery Charger for A1
Profoto Gel Kit for A1
Dynalite SDL-10 Speed Ring
Profoto OCF Color Gel Starter Kit / SKU1013542
Photoflex HalfDome nxt softbox for hot lights with Speed Ring
Westcott 1957 High Carbon Steel Frame 24 x 36 Inches Fast Flag Kit Black
Used Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED w/ low hrs, Chimera, 60 degree Grid, Remote & Case
Lighttools for Chimera 40º Grid for Small Strip Bank
US SELLER! Large 60x79" 5-in-1 Collapsible OVAL Reflector Disc Set 150x200cm
Westcott White Fabric for Eyelighter Panel
Glow by Flashpoint Hexapop 24" Portable Softbox
Profoto Grid Kit for the OCF Flash Heads
Metal Body Studio Flash Conical Snoot Light Control For Menik Bowens + Homeycomb
Westcott Rapid Box Octa XL for Westcott SkyLux and Bowens (36 in.)
43" 110cm 5 in 1 Photo Round Studio Collapsible Reflector Light Diffuser Kit Set
360° Photography Reflector Disc Holder Clip for Photo Video Studio Light Stand
Profoto 50° Softgrid for the RFi 5.0' Octa Softbox
Photography Reflector Disc Holder Clip for Photo Video Studio Light Stand
Paul C. Buff Moon Unit MU30 for AlienBees ABR800 and Zeus RingMaster.
Profoto RFi Speedlight flash Speedring bracket
Godox BD-04 Barn Door Honeycomb Grid Color Gel Filter for studio Strobe Flash
8" x 12" Aluminum Honeycomb Grid, 1/8" cell size, ~3/8" thickness, 25 degrees
Lencarta 60cm White Folding Beauty Dish Softbox Profoto Fitting with Honeycomb
Westcott 4631D Umbrella Diffuser for Parabolic Umbrella
Photoflex 22mm Casters for LS Series LiteStands
ARRI Scrim 2 Pack - Full Single & Full Double for ARRIsun 5 Par - 7.75 inch
lastolite ezybox 24x24 and quad bracket
Mole-Richardson Tweenie Snoot, Set of 3 Piece Metal
Dracast DrBr-f-600B 2pack led lights
Profoto 50° Softgrid for the 3.0 x 4.0' RFi Softbox
Photoflex Rotating Softbox Speed Ring for Chimera and Dyna-Lite Units
Chimera 9505QR speed ring for Lowel DP lights--ex. condition in original box
Honeycomb Grid Set (5,10,20 deg) for Profoto D1 D2 B1 Air, FREE Shipping from US
Photogenic PL7GF Fine Honeycomb Grid (10º) for 7.5" Reflector
Chimera Video Pro Plus Softbox - X-Small - XS, 16x22" (40x55cm) (3 Diffusers)
Profoto Speedlight Speedring For Flash Soft box
Cloud Dome NIMBUS Photo Diffuser Smartphone MOBILE Photography Light Box iPhone
Photoflex Main & T-Clamp for Litepanel Frame/Panel Reflectors
Glow Reflector Panel 35 x 70" / SKU1015233
Larson Sq BackPlate for Larson Sq Soft Box with Fiber Ring & Photogenic Mount
Hensel Economy 32" Diameter Photographic Umbrella - Black/White SKU#1000075
42x42 Celo Cucoloris/Cookie - Matthews Norms American
Glow EZ Lock 12x56" Quick Strip Softbox With Bowens Mount #EZ-SB-1256
Flashpoint Ballhead Telescoping Reflector Holder #FPX-BK-PR01
Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 3/4-Stop Diffuser Fabric (4 x 4')
BD-07 Studio Strobe Barn Door Honeycomb Grid Color Filter Godox AD200 Speedlite
Fotodiox Pro 16 inch (40cm) Beauty Dish with Balcar Insert
Lee Filter 250 1/2 White Diffusion 21x24 inch sheet Lighting Gel
Phottix Strip Box Light Modifier
Prismatic Tablet Mount for the Halo Ring Light and similar Diva Ring Lights
Westcott Omega photographic reflector
US Godox BD-07 Barn Door + Detachable Honeycomb Grid and 4 Color Filters F AD200
39"x72" fabric for Lite Panel - White and Soft Gold - Photoflex
Godox BD-07 Barn Door with Detachable Honeycomb Grid + 4 Color Filters f AD200
Kino Flo LED Celeb 200 201 45 degree Honeycomb Grid
Glow Speed Ring to fit Flashpoint Monolights #FP-SR-FLASHPOINT
Profoto Zoom Reflector
Leprecon ULD-360 with clamp!!!
Flashpoint Honeycomb for barndoor 40 deg. Grid
Glow 34" Foldable Beauty Dish With Bowens Mount - Silver SKU#1019200
LOWEL DP scrim set, tested
Profoto Honeycomb Grid Kit
Glow ParaPop 38" Portable Softbox for Bowens #GL-SBSM38PP-BO
Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (38") #EZ-SB-38
Flashpoint 1x1 Softbox Set for PanelLight 1300 LED #CL-1300SB
Interfit ASA1002 Speed Ring Adapter for Broncolor Impact Heads
Photoflex SC-800SC Strobe Connector, 800 Series (Open Box)
Glow SpeedRing Adapter to fit Bowens Mount #GL-SR-BOWENS
low 31 x 31" Quick Softbox for Shoe Mount Flash Bracket - SKU#1018888
GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Switch Smart Dimmer Work with Alexa OPENED BOX
Godox BD-04 Barn Door Honeycomb Filiter AD-R6 Standard Reflector AD600B DE300
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Lytro light field camera announced for UK
“With light field technology there is a huge opportunity for creativity in photography that hasn’t been possible in the past," said Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro. "We’ve seen amazing, creative and interactive pictures from camera owners in other ...
How To Pick A Camera: The Basics You Need To Know
Sure, there are a million articles like this out there, but I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t think I could do it better than anyone else ... lugging around $3-7000 camera bodies that weigh as much as a Smart Car, with lenses that look ...
How to perfect your photo’s colors by adjusting white balance
You can correct for unsightly color cast using your camera’s white balance control. It all starts with the color of the light you’re shooting in. Every flavor of light—from midday sunlight to florescent lights to candlelight—has a specific color ...
Fairfax City to Add Red-Light Cameras to Three More Intersections
At its meeting last Tuesday, the Fairfax City Council agreed to the expansion of the city’s photo red ... see too many red-light runners and other violations, and that they want their streets to be safer. He pointed out, red-light cameras catch a lot ...
Red Light Camera Company Patent Troll Trial Advances
A red light camera company won the first round in an ongoing legal battle ... or over the World Wide Web," the company explained in a brief to the court. The photo ticketing firm offered dozens of examples of prior art that show webcasting took place ...
Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio Live for 3ds Max adds support for a host of additional renderers
Lightmap announces a major update to the HDR Light Studio Live plug-in for 3ds Max. The 3ds Max Live plug-in now supports Autodesk 3ds Max/3ds Max Design versions 2013 and 2014 and has added support for additional market leading renderers. Mark Segasby ...