Cameras & Photo Lighting & Studio Light Controls & Modifiers Softboxes & Diffusers
Photo Studio Photography 3 Softbox Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit 2400W
Neewer 47"/120cm Octagonal Umbrella Diffuser Softbox for Studio Flash Speedlite
Photo Video Studio Photography Softbox Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit 2400W
Godox Octagon 95cm Grid Honeycomb Softbox Studio Strobe Bowens Mount Speedring
Neewer 24"x36" Studio Flash, Speedlite Umbrella Softbox for Portrait Photography
Neewer Pro 32" High Reflective Octagonal Umbrella Softbox for Studio Photography
Buyer’s Guide: Lighting Kits for Video Production
Choosing the right video production lighting system without wondering if a better option is coming soon is nearly impossible. The choices available for lighting kits today are immense and are expanding at a quick pace. You’ll need to know about tungsten ...
Shooting Photos of 10K Runners with an Off-Camera Flash
and assume the lens was inside the flash. I could hear some people talking to their running mates saying “the camera is over there”. At that point they would turn toward me and pose. It was interesting to see the general public’s understanding of off ...
A Truck-Turned-Photo-Studio For a Different Kind of Drive-By
An app called Capture Pilot lets him use his iPad mini to remotely set exposure. Custom fitted controls allow him to toy with the mounted strobes for appropriate ambiant light. And since his subjects are usually entirely unaware of the role they're about ...
Portrait Photography Tips From Damian "The BIG Dog" McGillicuddy
It's my intention while on our photo journey together ... just in my studio, using the exact same bare bulb enhancer from the portaflex kit. The light just "pushed" further round to "split" the lighting, the reduction in ambient illumination just increases ...
The best camera apps for the wannabe Ansel Adams
Or not. In the world of digital photography, you don't have to flash a smile. Instead, just digitally paint a grin on your face afterward. Struggling for hours to get just the right shot under the optimum lighting conditions is so analog.
Photo Studio Photography Light 2x LED Lighting Stand Kit 3300lm Day Light Lamp N
Photography Video Continuous Softbox Lighting Soft Box Boom Arm Light Stand Kit
Photography Softbox Light Kit Photo Studio Video Stand Continuous Lighting 2500W
Neewer 5.9"x 6.7" Camera Universal Diffuser Mini Softbox for CN-160 LED Light
Neewer 16" Portable Mini Small Little Round Soft Box for Nikon Canon Speedlight
Neewer Photo Studio 36" Deep Hexadecagon Umbrella Softbox with Bowens Speedring
3 Softbox Light Stand Photo Studio Photography Continuous Lighting Kit 2400W
US GODOX 60cmx60cm S-Type Bracket Bowens Mount Holder softbox fr speedlite flash
24" Photo Studio Photography Light Tent Backdrop Kit Lighting in a Box 60cm Cube
Godox 80cm/31.5in Octagonal Umbrella Softbox w/Bowens Mount for Speedlite R6J1
Photography Softbox Light Kit Photo Studio Video Stand Continuous Lighting Kit
30" Photo Photography Tent Shooting Box Softbox Studio Kit Set with LED Tripod
2000W Softbox Light Kit Photo Studio Video Photography Lighting Stand Continuous
Photo Studio Video Photography Softbox Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit 2000W
Neewer 12" Round Softbox with Grey Balance Card for Canon Nikon Speedlight
New Photo Studio Lighting Video Softbox 26x20" Universal Mount Flash Soft box
US GODOX 47" 120cm Octagon Honeycomb Grid Softbox + Bowens Mount F Photo Studio
24" Photo Tent Shooting Box Softbox Studio Kit Set with Light Tripod Set
24x24 inch/60x60 cm Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light Cube Diffusion Soft Box Kit
US Godox Octagon Softbox 37" 95cm Bowens Mount for Studio Strobe Speedlite
Chimera Super Pro X Plus Lightbank (Small 24 x 32", White Interior) (Mint)
Bowens Speedring Insert. 152mm Fits our Speedrings
Godox AD-S11 4 Color Gel Filter with Honeycome Grid AD360 AD180 Flash Speedlite
Orangemonkie Foldio2 15-Inch Folding Portable Lightbox Studio for Smartphone
SMDV Speedbox-S70B. SMDV 70 softbox with Bowens Mount
YaeCCC 20" Pro Hexagonal Softbox Collapsible Diffuser for Speedlight Flash New
Kamerar D-Fuse LED Light Panel Foldable Collapsible Softbox for Aputure Amaran
Neewer Portable Octagon Softbox with Grid Bowens Mount 80x80cm /30"x30" Beehive
Neewer 24"x24" Studio Softbox Diffuser with E27 Socket for Fluorescent Bulb Lamp
20x30cm Universal Mini Portable Softbox Diffuser for Flash/Speedlite/Speedlight
Honeycomb Grid Beehive Strip Soft Box 8" x 36" for Nikon Canon Speedlight Flash
US Godox Octagon 47" / 120cm Softbox Bowen Mount Speedring f Studio Flash Strobe
Photo Studio 24" Softbox with 7ft Light Stand Kit For Speedlite Flash Speedlight
Matthews RoadRags Kit (18 x 24”) (mint)
US Selens Pro Studio Umbrella Hexadecagon Softbox 90CM W/ Bowens Mount Speedring
Neewer 26" Photography Speedlite Flash Dodecagon Softbox with Bowens Mount
|2| 24" Octagonal Reflector Soft Box Continuous Lighting Photography Photo Kit
Neewer Black/Red 24" Folding Collapsible Hexagonal Softbox with Hand Grip
New Portable 70x 70cm Umbrella Softbox Soft Box Reflector for Speedlight
2 Pcs Photo Studio Table Top Light Lamp w/ Bulbs Stand for Soft Box Photography
Neewer 60x60cm Black / Silver Umbrella Softbox for Speedlite / Studio Flash
2000W Photo Studio Video Photography Softbox Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit
Neewer 7"x 6" Mini Small PRO LED Photography Studio Soft Box for CN126
Westcott Rapid Box 26" Octa Speedlite Kit with Beauty Dish Deflector Plate 2035
Neewer 18"/46cm Video Light Softbox Diffuser for 75W Ring Fluorescent Light
SMDV Soft-box Hexagon Diffuser 60 23" for Speed-light Speed-lite Quantum Flash
Neewer 24"x24"/60x60cm Softbox with Grid and S-type Flash Bracket for Speedlite
35" Quick Fold OCTA Softbox .Easy Open and Close. Silver Interior
AbleDIY White Translucent Plastic Film / Roll Light Diffuser Seamless Background
Chimera 20" Lantern Soft Box With Skirt ( Used )
Neewer 37" Bowens Mount Portable Octagon Beehive Softbox with Grid + Diffuser
8" x 36" Honeycomb Eggcrate STRIP SOFTBOX +Speedring FOR ALIENBEES Alien Bees
8" x 36" Softbox Strip Soft Box Honeycomb Eggcrate Grid for Bowen Softbox
US Universal 2x Godox Octagon Softbox 80cm/31" Inch Umbrella f Flash Speedlight
Neewer Universal 5"x5" Octagon Softbox Lighting for Canon Nikon Flash Speedlight
12" x 55" Studio Strip Softbox . Silver Interior - Removable Front Diffuser
24"x24" / 60x60cm Photo Studio Lambency Lamp Shade 5-lamp Socket Softbox
Portable Off-Camera Flash Softbox & Stand Kit for Canon Nikon Speedlite
16" Photo Studio White Interior Beauty Dish for Elinchrom Strobe Light
Neewer Globe Lantern Softbox 26" with Bowens Speedring and Carrying Bag
3375W Photo Studio Backdrop Softbox Continuous Lighting kit Boom arm Light Stand
Neewer Pro 24" Hexagonal Softbox Collapsible Diffuser for Speedlight Flash
2 x Umbrella Softbox Soft Brolly Box Reflector Studio 40" Flash Light Reflective
Photo Studio 24" Softbox with 7ft Light Stand Kit F Speed Lite Flash Speedlight
Bowen Speed Ring Speedring Adapter For Bowens Mount Flash Strobe Softbox
Neewer 24" Professional Hexagonal Softbox Collapsible Diffuser with Handle Grip
Neewer Octagon Softbox with Bowens Mount Speedring and Bag
Godox 120CM Octagon Softbox Umbrella Brolly Flash Speedlite Speedlight Reflector
Godox 47" 120cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox for Studio Camera Flash Speedlite Light
Elinchrom 39" Rotalux Deep OctaBox 30° Grid
US 140cm 55" Godox Octagon Softbox Bowens Mount f Photography Strobe Flash Light
Neewer 30"x30" / 80cmX80cm Portable Octagon Softbox Bowens Mount f Nikon, Canon
3 Softbox 2400W Photo Studio Photography Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit
Neewer 16" Round Softbox with Grey Balance Card f Canon Nikon Neewer Speedlight
Chimera 36x48" Video Pro Medium Soft Box | Excellent condition
Neewer 24" Portable Softbox Cube for Studio Photography Flash Speedlite
Photo Cube Photography Light Tent Softbox Light Box 20"x20"
Photo Studio Video Photography Softbox 2250W Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit
2x 40" Video Studio Reflective Umbrella Brolly Box Softbox Flash Photography New
Neewer 20"/50cm Hexagonal Softbox with Hand Grip(Black/Red)
Neewer 6.6" Honeycomb Grid Set with 7" Reflector Diffuser for Bowens Mount
2000W Softbox Light Kit Photo Studio Video Photography Stand Continuous Lighting
2x Pure White Translucent Diffuser Sock for 12-16"/30-41cm Beauty Dish Reflector
2400W Photo Studio Photography 3 Softbox Light Stand Continuous Lighting Kit
Neewer 6.6" Honeycomb Grid Set with 7" Standard Reflector Diffuser
50x70cm 18" x 24" Large Soft Box Studio Light Photography Softbox
Neewer 16"x16" Wired Studio Softbox Flash Light Lighting Diffuser w/ E27 Socket
32" Softbox Umbrella Reflector FOR Flash Speedlight Octagonal High Reflective
New 50w Photo Studio 16" Photography Lighting Tent Kit Backdrop Cube In A Box
2 L.A. Studio strip softboxes 14”x 63” with removable 40 degree egg crate grids
US Parabolic Softbox Godox P120H 120cm High-temperature Version f Storbe Flash
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How To: Set Up the Perfect Photo Studio
Photo: Niall Benvie. Shot on location by Niall Benvie in the south of France; lit with two compact Lumedyne heads with easy-to-pack white diffusers ... softboxes.” Try fitting all that in just one backpack. Want to get serious about the lighting ...
Adorama Flashpoint 500C LED light: Can it replace a studio flash?
We have been playing with the Flashpoint 500C, described as “a flexible tool for your video and still photography needs ... off to get into using LED lights rather than starting with flash? First and foremost, this isn’t a small unit.
Recipe for a Photograph: Reflected Ant on Black
Black is easy enough to arrange for the upper portions of a photo. Just make sure foreground lighting is powerful enough to overwhelm ... the glass and confine under the petri dish. Place a softbox diffuser on each of the remote-controlled strobes.
Playing with portrait lighting
Our June Snapped theme was a great opportunity to get a crash course in studio lighting from a photography master. I have to admit, I’ve never really got into artificially lighting photos. The idea of bouncing and slaving flashes, and dragging around ...
Everyone Can Improve Their Photography with Help from Square Shooting
Try to get where the subject of your photo ... on your camera's built in flash. Instead you want to look at investing in a softbox to use for external lighting. If you can't afford this, look into purchasing an external flash unit with a diffuser for ...
Important Tips For Buyers to Help Buy Photography Lights
Gone is the era when the studios with diffusers, flash heads, sync cables, power packs or may be some other small accessories were the domain of the specialist photographers. Nowadays, with a great availability of pre-packed kits containing photography ...