Cameras & Photo Lighting & Studio Light Controls & Modifiers Studio Umbrellas
Neewer Off Camera Double Speedlight Flash ShoeMount Swivel Soft Umbrella Kit
33" White Reflector Photography Studio Umbrella for Continuous Lighting Kit
Photo Studio Video Flash Reflector 33" Reflective Umbrella Black Silver
Studio Photography Lighting Kit 3Point Stand Lighting Umbrella Photo Bulb Lamp *
Neewer 2pcs 33" Photography Studio Reflective Lighting Black/Silver Umbrella
Impact 7' Parabolic Umbrella (White/Black)
Buyer’s Guide: Lighting Kits for Video Production
Choosing the right video production lighting system without wondering if a better option is coming soon is nearly impossible. The choices available for lighting kits today are immense and are expanding at a quick pace. You’ll need to know about tungsten ...
Shooting Photos of 10K Runners with an Off-Camera Flash
and assume the lens was inside the flash. I could hear some people talking to their running mates saying “the camera is over there”. At that point they would turn toward me and pose. It was interesting to see the general public’s understanding of off ...
A Truck-Turned-Photo-Studio For a Different Kind of Drive-By
An app called Capture Pilot lets him use his iPad mini to remotely set exposure. Custom fitted controls allow him to toy with the mounted strobes for appropriate ambiant light. And since his subjects are usually entirely unaware of the role they're about ...
Portrait Photography Tips From Damian "The BIG Dog" McGillicuddy
It's my intention while on our photo journey together ... just in my studio, using the exact same bare bulb enhancer from the portaflex kit. The light just "pushed" further round to "split" the lighting, the reduction in ambient illumination just increases ...
The best camera apps for the wannabe Ansel Adams
Or not. In the world of digital photography, you don't have to flash a smile. Instead, just digitally paint a grin on your face afterward. Struggling for hours to get just the right shot under the optimum lighting conditions is so analog.
Neewer 2 pieces White Translucent Soft Umbrella for Photo Video Studio Shooting
Portable Octagon Softbox 80cm/31.5in Umbrella Brolly Reflector Flash light
Neewer 72"/185cm White Diffusion Parabolic Umbrella 16 Fiberglass Rib 7mm Shaft
Impact 7' Parabolic Umbrella (Silver)
Photo Video Studio Photography Flash/Strobe Continuous Lighting Kit Umbrella Set
33" White Photography Light Studio Reflector Translucent Soft Diffuser Umbrella
Studio Photo Studio B/W Premium Brolly Umbrella Reflector 40" Soft Box
Impact 7' Parabolic Umbrella Diffuser
43inch Photography Studio Translucent Shoot Through Soft White Umbrella Diffuser
2x 40" Photography Black White Flash Reflector Photo Studio Lighting Umbrella
Neewer 60 inches Photography Studio Translucent Shoot Through White Umbrella
US Photo Video Studio White Umbrella Reflector Photography Stand Lighting Kit SK
NEW 33''Studio Flash Black Silver Photographic Reflective Umbrella
2 x 33" Black/White Reflective Photo Video Studio Umbrella For Flash Lighting
2pcs 52inch White Julius Studio Photography Umbrella Studio Lighting Reflector
43" Photo Studio Lighting Reflector,Black, White, Gold, Silver, Translucent
Photo Studio Photography Video Continuous Lighting 33" White Soft Umbrella
Interfit Strobies STR212 39" Lighting Umbrella (Translucent)
57" Strobe Speedlight Flash Reflector Silver Black Reflective Parabolic Umbrella
4 X Studio Photo Standard Flash Diffuser Translucent Soft Light Umbrella 33"
Studio Photography Lighting Kit 3 Point Stand Lighting Umbrella Photo Bulb Lamp#
Cowboystudio 2 x 43 Inch White/Black Reflector Photo Studio Umbrella
2 Pcs 43" Photography Studio Lighting Umbrella Translucent White Soft Umbrella
Photography Studio Lighting Kit: Black Umbrella Hensel Studiotechnik
Larson Reflectasol Hex 36" Light Reflecting Umbrella Reflector Photography
83cm Black Gold 33" Reflector Soft Umbrella Diffuser Photo Flash Lighting FREESH
33" Photo Umbrella White Studio Flash Light Reflective Photograph Umbrella
Photo Umbrella 84cm/33" Translucent Umbrella
52" 52inch Larger Photography Pure White Umbrella Studio Lighting Reflector
Photography 33'' Studio Flash Light Reflector Black Silver Umbrella
CB5-NG-SP41 Neewer Photo Studio Softbox Diffuser
Westcott 4634 7' Parabolic Umbrella (White) + Westcott 4631D Umbrella Diffuser
Wescott light stand & Umbrella - Optical White Satin with Removable Black Cover
33" 83cm Photo Studio Video Flash Light Soft Diffuser Translucent White Umbrella
2 x 33" White Photography Light Photo Studio Video Translucent Soft Umbrella ZH
Neewer 45" Studio Translucent White Diffuser Soft Umbrella for Monolight Flash
Parabolix 30 Outer Diffusion Diffuser 1/4 Silk 
Lusana 43Inch Photography Black/White Umbrella Softbox Brolly Strobe Flash Light
Studio Video 33" 83cm Inch Translucent flash Photography Light Umbrella Camera
5' (150cm) Parabolic Umbrella with On-Center Bowens Monolight Mount
33" White Reflective Photo Video Studio Umbrella Flash Lighting
33" Studio Photo Standard Flash Diffuser Translucent Soft Light White Umbrella
Photography Studio Lighting Kit: White Umbrella PhotoFlex 38"
33" Black/Silver Photo Umbrella Reflector Photo Video Reflector
83cm 33in Studio Photo Strobe Flash Light Reflector Black Silver Umbrella
2x 40" Photo Studio Flash Soft White Umbrella Translucent Brolly Box Softbox
Interfit Strobies STR213 39" Lighting Umbrella (Silver w/ Black Backing)
43" White Photography Light Studio Reflector Translucent Soft Diffuser Umbrella
Photography 33" Studio Flash Light Reflector Black Gold Umbrella 83
Westcott 43-Inch Optical White Satin Collapsible with Removable Black Cover 2011
Photek SoftLighter Umbrella with Removable 8mm Shaft (60")
Photek Softlighter Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit (46")
Neewer Studio 80" Portable Hexadecagon Black/Silver Softbox Umbrella Reflector
33" Umbrella Diffuser for Photo Studio Lighting Stand Kit Soft Translucent White
Gold Reflector Umbrella 33" Flash Light Soft Box Photography
Camera 33" 83cm Inch Translucent White Photo Studio flash Soft Umbrella
Impact 7' Parabolic 3 Umbrella Kit
Photek Softlighter Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit with Umbrella (60")
Photek 36" Softlighter Umbrella w/ Fiberglass Frame & 8mm Shaft (SL-4000-FG)
Westcott 7ft White Diffusion Parabolic - SUPER HUGE SUPER SOFT SUPER LIGHT - NEW
Westcott 4633 7' Parabolic Umbrella(Silver) w/ Westcott 4631D Umbrella Diffuser
Photoflex ADH 30 “Umbrella’s
Profoto Deep Small Umbrella (33", Silver)
Photek Softlighter Hot Shoe Diffuser Kit (36")
Westcott 4634 7' Parabolic Umbrella (White / Black)
Westcott 4633 7' Parabolic Umbrella (Silver)
Studio Photo Standard Flash Diffuser Translucent Soft Light White Umbrella 33"
Westcott Rapid Box 24" Beauty Dish with Profoto Speedring
Calumet 46" silver white 2- indentical unmbrella studio lighting with case AS/IS
New Camera Double Speedlight Flash ShoeMount Swivel Soft Umbrella Kit f Canon
Neewer 65" Photography Deep Black/Sliver Umbrella Reflector for Monolight Flash
Neewer 60" inch Photo Studio Lighting Soft White Translucent Umbrella 150cm USA
Studio 150cm 60" Studio Soft White Diffuser Umbrella Studio Strobe Camera Flash
2 x Large Umbrella Softbox Soft Brolly Box Reflector
Impact 7' Parabolic Umbrella (White Diffusion)
Profoto Deep Silver Umbrella (Large, 51")
10ft x 7ft Photography Stand Studio Background Backdrop Drape Panel Photo Shoot
PRO Studio Photography Lighting Kit 3 Point Lighting Umbrella Photo Bulb Lamp HM
Fomito 7 feet Mega Parabolic Flash Reflector Umbrella Silver
Photo Studio Soft Umbrellas Light Stand Flash Speedlite + Hot Shoe Holder Mount
Photo Studio Camera Flash ShoeMount Swivel Soft Umbrella Boom Stand Kit
Profoto 100611 Umbrella - White - 33" Small #677
Westcott 7ft White Diffusion Parabolic Umbrella
33inch Black Silver Tone Reflector Umbrella for Photography Studio Light Flash
Neewer 400W 5500K Photo Studio Lighting Umbrella Kit with 2 Pcs 33" Umbrella
Westcott 7ft Silver Umbrella
Lastolite Dual-Duty Compact Umbrella (Black/White)
JensenBest Photo Studio Umbrella Lighting Kit 1275W For Photography And Video
Set of Photogenic 2 Eclipse 45" Umbrella 2 Air-Cushioned Light Stands Case
Cowboy Studio Photography Lighting set umbrella and accessories with bag case
Elinchrom Umbrella - White, with Vinyl Black Backing - 33"
Profoto Adapter Plate for Custom Made Reflectors to fit Profoto Flash Heads
Used Studio Lighting Umbrella Kit w/ (2) White (1) Black 32 & 40"
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Your Best Portrait Photography Ever...With A $10 Shoot-Through Umbrella!
As we continue to look at budget-priced studio portrait photography lighting ... Take a look at this: Shoot-through umbrella: Here the lighting set-up remains the same with the DG600 monolight in the same location at camera right and the Flashpoint 5 ...
Owner develops group effort for photo studio
When Tricia Wray approached Chris Block in December about purchasing ... * Lori Pauls, Lori Pauls Photography; lifestyle photographer; take photos of subjects "being themselves," especially senior/teen photos; also offers custom ...
Step By Step Lighting For Studio Portrait Photography
Step By Step Lighting for Studio Portrait Photography is a well set out and easy to follow ... and picking the right styles for the shoot before moving on to camera settings. Aperture, shutter speed, white balance and file format are looked at before ...
Digital cameras force studio photographers to reinvent
There, you could drop off film to be developed, buy a photo album or picture frame ... On the upside, he said he used to take about 300 photos at a wedding; the film was expensive. These days, he takes as many as 1,500 pictures. And the follow-up is ...
Capturing the moment
Another unique feature is a studio photographer could be on hand to assist with the camera and lighting during the photo session. My Studio and Picture This Student Photography will host an open house from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. June 17 for the public to ...
Rent a Professional Photo Studio
Take studio portraits with your own camera ... lighting class that teaches you all that you need to know. Any tips for us when shooting in studio: -When photographing busy young children in the studio try to contain them on a chair or a stool. Studio ...